Warm up - charcoal on paper exercise - 11x14

It's easy to feel overwhelmed in the world that we live in.  Information flows freely and news travels instantly.  It's so easy to be connected to the world around us that we miss the moments in front of us.  Every day, all around us moments happen and I believe these moments are beautiful and worth remembering. 

Beauty can inspire hope in the hopeless and re-orient one's soul to live beyond just existing. I hope to do so for others, to the degree I am able, through my art. The great artist and instructor, Richard Schmid, said, “Make your art a gift of inspiration to others to work toward better things.” That’s all I want to do with my life. That’s what God has me to serve Him here for. Because of that my artist statement is this; “Never underestimate the value of inserting beauty into someone's life - it is the seed that hints of Someone greater than themselves; it renews hope.”

People are intricate and beautiful, and capturing them in portrait has always been a pursuit I love.  As a teen, I copied images of rock stars from my record albums (I’m dating myself) and gave them to friends. That was part of our teen-age story, and I illustrated our culture that reflected our age. That desire to illustrate people’s stories didn’t stop as the more grown up me still longs to link memories, ideas and beauty through art in multiple mediums for others to see.

(Could this paragraph be redone as bullet points?  If so, we could put it below the signature in a way that shows your studies) Although I graduated with a BFA with an emphasis in print making, I always returned to the portrait and the study of the beautiful character traits of people from all over. When I began teaching art to teens, I realized I could serve them better by gaining some skills which the university failed to give me. I was fortunate to have access to a classical instructor, Chis Didomizo in Atlanta. At his studio, he not only helped me build a skill base, but inspired me to pursue art spiritually and meaningfully to deliver my own message. I also took oil painting classes from Damon Carter, a wonderful painter of portraits and landscapes, and learned from his subtle use of color, and there are many others I have to thank who passed on knowledge and encouragement. I’m always in pursuit of learning through workshops, self-guided instruction and studying the many great artists of the past and present, hoping my skill will catch up to what’s in my head and heart for the best way to draw, paint, or ink beloved places as well as beloved people.

Thank you for viewing my web site and gallery, and hopefully you will enjoy my blog or social media to read about the stories behind the art as it unfolds.

Michael Ann Bellerjeau